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WBM uses all green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly & toxin free!

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Janitorial Contracts: Each contract is tailored to your specific needs. Please contact our sales team and they will create a cleaning program for your facility. We provide a wide variety of work schedules to meet your cleaning needs. This may include: daily, weekly, monthly, periodic, or on-call services.

Emergency Work: Broken pipes, water backup, fire, graffiti, and many other unplanned events can interrupt your business. We offer a 24 hour service to keep your business doing business. Please see our homepage for more information.
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We specialize in cleaning all types of buildings such as retail facilities, warehouses, federal, state, and city buildings, and office buildings of all sizes.  No matter what your building cleaning needs are, we can handle it.

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We use a low noise, state of the art duct cleaning system that will take out all the debris, dust, and allergens that congest your duct work.  It is recommended that your ductwork be cleaned annually to provide you with a clean work and living environment.  Cleaning your ducts can also help your furnace run more efficiently and give your home a healthy breathing environment.

With our system, we can travel to virtually any floor without pulling large hoses though your home.

We provide several methods of carpet cleaning. 

Please call (208) 345-2951 for more information!

Duct cleaning

We clean all types of windows such as high-rise glass, skylights, or display glass.  We recommend windows be washed two to four times a year.  We clean with industry standard equipment and maintain this equipment to meet current OSHA standards. 

We will come and test your home for the presence of harmful, toxic mold inside and outside your home.  Many times mold can be unseen but still present.  It can hide in the floorboards, ductwork, and many other places where not visible to the naked eye.  Once the tests are completed, we will discuss with you the best way to remove the mold and explain the remediation process if the mold proves toxic.

mold remediation

The Bonnet (Rotary) method can be used as an interim cleaning to brighten traffic areas and remove unsightly spots. It is not designed to provide a deep thorough cleaning, but works well between steam extractions and on smaller areas. 

snow removal

parking lots: services include seal coat, fire lanes & signage, striping, & asphalt repair. 

floor & carpet: services pet stain & odor removal, upholstery cleaning, & soil retardants. 

carpet shampoo
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hot water extraction
stain removal

When it snows 10 inches who is going to shovel for you?  We work with our clients and in most cases can guarantee that their sidewalks will be clear by the time they open for business in the morning.  We have moved tons of snow over the years and if you need it off your walks or out of your parking lot we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done.

Some low nap, industrial carpets may be cleaned best by using the Shampoo System. This brush driven machine uses a dry foam shampoo to move the ground in dirt to the surface of the carpet. This allows us to use our commercial backpack vacuum cleaners to remove the residue. This method is best used in high traffic areas and hallways.

We use a top of the line hot water extraction unit to clean and disinfect your carpet. To maximize their life and ensure good indoor air quality, carpets should be cleaned semiannually.   Contact our sales team to schedule an extraction cleaning today.

The best method to clean home low knap industrial carpets is the shampoo system. This brush driven machine uses a dry foam shampoo to move the ground in dirt to the surface of the carpet allowing us to use our commercial backpack vacuum cleaners to remove the residue. This method is also very effective in high traffic areas and hallways.

New to the industry, we are now providing this cost effective and efficient type of carpet cleaning called encapsulation.  This product works well in most applications and the carpet dries quickly.  The product is applied to the carpet and then agitated with a machine. After the carpet dries we thoroughly vacuum, which removes the encapsulated particles.  People simply say, “It’s magic!”

asphalt repair

Western Building Maintenance offers excellent parking lot services.  We will come out and seal coat, repair potholes, paint lines, or install new bollards. 

construction clean up
Western Building Maintenance can pre-bid a construction cleanup from the blue prints allowing the contractor to see the cost of cleaning before the project starts. Our professionals will dispose of all debris in the area and will have your new facility looking fantastic. We also guarantee customer satisfaction with our professional, worry free service. You will see the benefits of our cleaning services because once we leave the site the facility will be ready for occupancy.

construction clean up